15 Best Resume Templates Word Free Download 2019

Word Templates

If you think Word resumes are dull and plain, you are mistaken. Here you will come across best resume templates word free download 2019.

There are innumerable free resume templates available on the internet. At times it becomes challenging to choose the right one. If often leaves you with your head spinning!

Word Templates

As you are here, have no worries!

Remember that a good professional looking resume is your key to any job.

Do’s And Don’ts for Resume Writing

Before you go ahead and start writing your resume, here are some important dos and don’ts for resume writing.


  • Firstly and most importantly, use as many resume keywords as you can. This optimizes your resume for ATS-Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Do list your eye-catching and most relevant achievements first. This hooks the reader and he reads further.
  • Do incorporate soft skills. For instance, communication skills, adaptability, critical-thinking, problem-solving powers, etc.
  • Be consistent in your formatting.
  • Tailor your resume. Every time you apply for a new job position or company, you must tailor your resume.
  • Try to create a one-page resume.


  • Don’t mention obvious and general details.
  • Fancy pictures and colors are a no. However, if you are in a designing or art field, you may add these.
  • Don’t be hilarious or unprofessional.
  • Don’t use weak action verbs. For instance- “help lead” or “assisted”. Make use of strong action verbs such as managed, led, enabled, etc.

Resume Templates Microsoft Word Free Download

Here, are some attractive resume templates word free download. You can easily download these in Doc format. Simply click on the download button to download them for free.

However, you must ensure that you edit and put in your details. A customized resume works wonders. Tailor your resume each time you apply for a new job position.

Choosing a resume template is entirely your choice. It mainly depends on the field you work in. A law firm needs a simpler resume than a fashion firm.

So, scroll down and discover the top 15 templates.

Modern Resume Template Free Download

In today’s scenario where the competitive job market is becoming tech-savvy day by day, your resume must stand out. This section of modern resume templates is specially designed to offer stylish, creative, and fresh themes. Moreover, these attractive resume templates word free download are ATS-friendly, easily readable, easy to access, and highlight specific information.

1. Creative Columns Resume Template-
For Resume template word free download pdf,

Resume Template with Photo Word Free

Certain industries require a more personalized resume. In such a case you must add your photograph as well. Check out the templates below. Here are some more Microsoft office word resume templates free download.

Pro Tip– The photo should be a professional headshot. You are looking for a job, not a date. Remember that!

The Green Strip Resume is a functional resume template word free download. Ideal for career changers and freshers.

This is a one-page resume template word free download. Ideally one should opt for a single-page resume. However, if you have a lot of relevant experience to your credit, you may go on to the second page.

Professional Resume Templates Word Free Download

Some fields are strict on their professional terms. A lot of creativity or fancy resumes are not welcome. Keeping this in mind, our experts have designed the following standard resume template word free download.

These are elegant, simple, creative yet professional. Going above and beyond in terms of creativity is never a good idea. These again are single-page resume template word free download.

Well suited for law firms, administrators, and other professionals.

So, these were the top 15 resume templates. For more such templates and samples, stay connected to wantcv.com


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