14 Amazing toothpaste hacks to make work easy

toothpaste hacks

Toothpaste – the first thing which comes to mind is teeth. A chemically formulated paste which helps us to clean our teeth, make them shiny, and cavity free. Hey! Now after reading this article you will get a number of creative ideas regarding the so-called teeth cleansing paste. I bet these unbelievable genius toothpaste hacks will definitely make your day to day life easier and simpler. It has certain efficient cleansing properties and soothing effects. Here are some simple hacks that save your time effort and money

Toothpaste Hacks
Toothpaste Hacks


1.Toothpaste hacks for the bathroom-Dirty toilet?

Those ugly water spots on bathroom fixtures need some cleaning? Now, give them a lovely sparkle. Apply some toothpaste. Also, do away with those expensive Harpic bottles. All you need is put some toothpaste, scrub it and flush.

2. Shoes-sparkle those sneakers

The white portion of your sneakers is turning yellow? Turn them white again. Toothpaste may not be able to make your yellow teeth white but it can surely add sparkle to your sneakers. Isn’t it amazing? Also, you can try cleaning your shoelaces with toothpaste instead of doing proper laundry! So, soak your shoelaces in a bowl of water mixed with 1/2 cup of toothpaste. Soak for a second or two. Then, all you have to do is brush away stains with a toothbrush and leave them. They will smell fresh and look clean at the same time!

3. Car Headlights-toothpaste car hacks

Toothpaste is also used for cleaning headlights. This one of the simplest toothpaste car hacks. Spread a spoon of toothpaste using a rag and soft cloth on car headlights which are dirty and foggy. Now, rub them in a circular motion. On the other hand, you can also add some toothpaste to a little bit of warm water. Now, use this to cut the dirt and wipe it off. Use this toothpaste hacks regularly in order to keep your headlights sparkling.

4. Fog on Glasses and Mirrors-mobile screen

Many times hot and steamy showers lead to foggy mirrors. You can keep them free of fog. Just rub some toothpaste all over the mirror. Now, clean it up thoroughly by making use of dry rag or you can even wash it with water. Also, this trick is particularly useful for getting fog-free swimming and ski goggles. Cleaning a mirror without making any streaks and marks of water is made possible with toothpaste. Therefore, just scrub some toothpaste onto the mirror and remove with a damp rag cloth or tissue.

5. Kitchen Sink

Toothpaste hacks work wonders on stainless steel. Whether kitchen sinks or other steel fixtures. You just take a damp sponge and entirely rub the surface of steel with toothpaste. Rinse it using water and see the shine.

6. Jewelry

Bring back the shine to your jewelry at absolutely no cost using amazing toothpaste hacks. In order to restore shine to your gold and silver jewelry, simply wet a toothbrush, squeeze some toothpaste on it. Now, lightly scrub and wash off the jewelry. I bet it will glitter like new. It also works on all kinds of diamond jewelry

7. Wonders on Stains

Carpet Stains-Spilled coffee on your carpet? Just dab a sponge or rag cloth with some warm water and a bit of toothpaste and rub thoroughly to remove the stain completely. Rinse it with water and leave to dry. So, therefore, do not panic when something spills on the floor, carpets, or rugs. This simple toothpaste hack works on all types of stains be it coffee, wine, juice, or even pet stains. Permanent marker stains, or scribbles on your wood furniture? For clothes, rub a bit of toothpaste on the stain with a damp cloth. Rinse with water. This hack also works with stains on other surfaces like walls, TVs and wooden floors.

8. Gunk From Your Iron-Does your iron have brown stains?

Yes! Clean those with toothpaste. Your iron can start leaving black stains on your clothes with repeated use and irregular cleaning. So, use gel toothpaste in order to clean the surface of the iron. Hence, keep it gunk-free. Rub over some toothpaste and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

9.Fridge Clean

Dirty grease kind of substance on the seal of your refrigerator door can be very stubborn at times. They can be difficult to remove. So, just apply toothpaste on the dirty seal and scrub it using an old toothbrush. Now, wipe it off with a clean rag cloth. It not only removes the awfull stains but also deodorise your fridge.


10. Acne-Dark Spots Vanish

Pimples have served to stress us just by appearing at all wrong times. Well, there’s a good toothpaste hack to the rescue! You just have to dab a little bit of toothpaste on the affected area and let it dry. It will be more effective if you can leave it overnight. Rinse with cold water and see the difference. Do not forget to moisturize that area with cream or lotion after this treatment with toothpaste

11. Dirty nails-Nail-hygiene

Discolored and unclean nails? Just forget manicure. You need to have a dash of toothpaste. Give your nails a good scrub using a nail brush or a toothbrush with some toothpaste on it. Rinse your nails with water. This greatly helps in exfoliation and maintenance of their natural shine.

12. Insect Bites and Minor Burns

Insect bites and light burns can be relieved with a good dab of toothpaste gel. It gives a better cooling effect. It also reduces the sting. So, it is good for mosquito bites too. Also, it even works as a soothing agent on sores and blisters.


13. Toothpaste hacks for phones

Try keeping your smartphone screens spotless- use toothpaste. It works in the same way with screens as it does with cleaning mirrors. So, you just have to spread some toothpaste toa smartphone screen, gently wipe it off using a tissue or damp old cloth. Do not forget to ensure that the phone is waterproof before trying this toothpaste hack. This genius toothpaste hack not only cleans your smartphone screen but also removes minor scratches.

14.Scratched Watches,CDs and DVDs

In case of scratches on your watch face glass, rub a little amount of toothpaste gently on the scratch in a circular motion. You can make use of a cotton swab. Wipe the excess toothpaste with a soft damp rag cloth or a tissue.You can also use the same technique for removal of Scratches from CDs and DVDs


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