11 Resume Mistakes That You Should Never Make

resume mistakes

Unconsciously you may commit some common resume mistakes that may cost you the job. Given below are resume mistakes examples that may act as blunders in your career.

11 Resume Mistakes You Must Never Make

Some employers have zero tolerance for resume mistakes. They perceive them as careless attitude. Thus, you must avoid them as far as possible and be really very careful.

Often we come across people who write strange things on their resume. Some may even go above and beyond to portray that they are the most suitable match for certain position. However, such attempts fail to impress and end up in the HR managers laughing at the resume and tossing it over to the heap of rejected ones.

Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Read on to discover common resume mistakes and how to avoid them.
Here you will also find some funny resume mistakes examples that employers have come across and had them literally rolling around laughing. So, given below are 20 mistakes that are really funny as reported by recruiters.

Funny Resume Mistakes

  1. Typos- Almost every time we guide you through resume writing, we tell you to check your resume before sending it to recruiters. These examples are taken from real Resume/ CV situations and they are far too easy to do!
    • For instance- “I like cooking Italians”.
      ( Well, are you really cooking Italian people? ?)
    • I am fluent in French and Spinach”.
      (What? Really, how can a person be fluent in veggies? If you know, do share. ?)
    • Seeking a party-time executive position with scope for advancement.” Well, are you out for some fun time.
    • Participated in the foamation of a new software company.” Is this some kind of soap advertisement.
    • “Revolved customer queries.” No recruiter is looking for such a candidate.

These were a few examples. Many such amusing resume mistakes are common and ruin your effect. Always proofread your resume. Ask friends and colleagues to scan for errors.

We understand that mistakes do happen. But being unable to check them or rectify them and submitting an application without proofreading it carefully, is just not acceptable.

Faulty Introductions

2. Dramatized Objectives- It is essential to portray your true potential in the beginning. It hooks the reader to your resume. But at the same time, when you go overboard then it turns out to be funny ad loses its significance. For instance, this guy-

I wish to watch the company advance. 
(So, buddy, you won’t actually contribute to it yourself, right?)

Our guide to perfect resume objective writing.

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Highlighting Your Shortcomings

3. Stating your shortcomings- Despite the fact that everybody has certain flaws and you need not be so true. Some ‘really honest applicants’ end up writing such statements.

I don’t mind admitting that I am really bad about time. Sticking to time does not make sense to me. What matters is that I complete the target.

Responsibilities and deadlines turn me nervous.” 
Well, if that is the case who would like to hire you.

Unprofessional Emails

4. Funny Emails- This is the most common error. Most of the candidates tend to forget that emails are also read. For example- emails like-




Never include such emails on your resume. Opt for a decent one such as – “ronald_lupin@gmail.com”. If you do not have a professional email, create one. But NEVER go for those cheesy emails.

Other Common Mistakes in Resume

5. Trying to Be hilarious- Some of the so-called ‘smart candidates’ try to be funny as if there is some comedy show going on. For instance- we have come across statements like-

“NO references as all got burned up in fire”

Reference- “Who can tell you about me better than me”

Such ridiculous statements are never accepted nor do they amuse your potential employer.

7. Irrelevant Accomplishments: You are applying for a law firm and writing about your dancing talent. Makes no sense. Be careful about what you are adding.

Nominated for the contest of prom queen” Now if this is your greatest achievement, it is really funny.

8. Use of cartoons in resume.

You are not a kid. You are applying for a job that gives you professional experience. Cartoons or emojis have nothing to do with your resume.

9. Horrible Hobbies Section- It is good to add a ‘hobbies and interests section in your resume towards the end. But this section also demands professionalism and relevant details. Some people add all sorts of weird hobbies such as-

  • Eyebrow tweezing
  • Donated my hair to a charity
  • Cooking pasta

9. Leaving Sections unwritten-Often happens when you use a readymade resume template. You may leave a section unwritten and not delete it.

Overusing jargons

10. Choosing overused business jargon tends to weaken your resume. Employers prefer plain, clear languages that explain what you have accomplished in the past.

Given below are some examples of business lingo that you must not include in your resume:

  • Bottom Line
  • Buy-in
  • Ecosystem
  • Move the needle
  • Synergy
  • Thought leadership
  • Value add
  • Wheelhouse
  • Go-getter
  • Think outside of the box
  • Go to person
  • Value Add
  • Bottom line
  • Hard Worker
  • Self-motivated
  • Best of Breed

So, next time when you are writing your CV/ resume, leave out such words. Instead, focus on using words that add to your personality and accomplishments.

Inappropriate File

11. Your efforts may go in vain if you do not submit the right version of your resume. These days almost every second MNC is using ATS. Therefore, your resume should be made fit for ATS. Learn here how to make an ATS-compatible resume.

Another common error is the file type. Some may create the resume in .jpeg format. Such a file type can neither be updated nor modified to apply to additional opportunities.  Your document should always be update and modification friendly. 

The most preferred documents by employers and hiring managers are either Microsoft Word or PDF.

Here are some best resume formats without any errors. Review these and try creating an error-free resume. You can also make use of templates and formats from your site for the best results.

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So, these were a few examples of resume mistakes that are commonly found in documents. Do follow these pieces of advice. Stay connected with us to get more tips on resume writing and free resume samples. We wish you luck with your oncoming job interview! Check out the best interview tips.

All the best!


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