11 High Paying Jobs in the US Without A Degree

jobs in the us without a degree

Just because you could not earn a degree does not mean you will have to underestimate yourself for the rest of your life.

A common question that arises is- Can I get a job in the US without a degree? Well, yes you can. So, without wasting any time let’s discover the top high paying jobs in the US without a degree.

Best Jobs in the US Without A Degree


1. Makeup Artist

Median Salary of Makeup Artist- $50.81 per hour or $64,250 per year.

A theatre makeup artist or a bridal makeup artist, this job pays you more than you can imagine. Initially, you will need to practice and practice to get hands-on experience. So, if working in a theatre was your dream but the acting was not your cup of tea, perhaps a career as a makeup artist would suit your goals.

This career offers a strong income. You just need the experience that you will gain by working. This job also has strong career growth. Moreover, it is a perfect entry-level option in our list of the highest-paying jobs in the US without a degree.

2. Commercial Pilot

Median Income of Commercial Pilot-$82,240 per year.

To bag the position of a plane pilot for an airline requires a college degree. However, if you opt for a job as a commercial pilot, you can earn a high salary with only a high school degree. All you need is a commercial pilot’s license. This license can be earned in about six to eight weeks to complete. This career has a strong growth rate of up to 8%. So, if you find yourself looking for a job without a college in the USA, go for commercial pilot training and earn your dream salary.

3. Aircraft Mechanic

Median Income of Aircraft Mechanic-$67,000 per year.

Aircraft mechanics is one of the highest-paying jobs in the US without a degree. Aircraft requires regular maintenance and repair. In fact, much attention is given to aircraft repair and this task is an aircraft mechanic’s responsibility. This job won’t require any college degree but you will need training and certification. The income is excellent.

4. Sales Representative

Median Income of a Sales representative $65847 per year.

Being a good sales representative does not require any degree. Good communication skills and some experience can help you earn thousands of dollars per year. However, job growth depends on the economy.

5. Electronic Installers

Median Income of Electronic Equipment Installers-$41,299 per year or $19.86 per hour.

Working as an electronic installer or repairer is one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree in the USA. Today, you will come across electronics everywhere. So, comes along their installation and maintenance and that you where you can find your high-paying job. For instance-elevator installers are paid really high and are very much in demand in the US.

6. Computer Support Specialist

Median Income of Computer Support Specialist- $52,270 per year.

As a computer support specialist, your job involves customer service as well as troubleshooting. You are required to fix and troubleshoot issues of computer owners. This job has a great growth rate and is also rewarding.

7. Air-Conditioning Technician

Median Income of Air Conditioning Technician-$47,753 per year.

Air conditioners find their place in every organization today and so come along with their repair and maintenance. All you need is training and HVAC certification which can take up to six months. So, for this job, you must specialize in the installation, repair, or maintenance of ACs.

8. Executive Assistant

Median Income of Executive Assistant-$70,057 per hour.

Multitasking, time-management and good analyzing skills. If these are your attributes, this job is definitely for you. Executive assistants complete important office management tasks and assist the manager. It is one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree.

9. Insurance Agent

Median Income of Insurance Agent-$57817 per year.

If you are in the US, looking for a job with good communication skills, this job is one of the top-paying jobs in the USA. So, use your convincing power, sell an insurance company’s products to consumers and earn in thousands.

10. Firefighter

Median Income of Firefighter- $51242 per year.

Firefighters act like superheroes can earn a promising salary for this job. Moreover, this job just requires a high school diploma as an educational qualification. However, you must earn a driving license and some on the job training.

11. Bartender

Median Income of Bartender- $12.91 per hour 

Lastly, the job of a bartender is one of the highest paying jobs in America without a college degree. If you love to party and tap your feet to some good music, the job of a bartender can be your choice. However, you will require a bartending license which is quite easy to earn.

So, these are the best high paying jobs in the US without a degree. So, leave aside all worries and grab the opportunities your way!


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